Get the hygiene pass safely and smoothly!

Come to Ava-akatemia to get yourself a hygiene pass – a hygiene pass is needed in many jobs!

Hygiene passport test events are organized at the premises of Ava-akatemia in Herttoniemi, Helsinki. The premises are spacious and safe. You can take the hygiene passport test in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Why you should get a hygiene passport?

Those who work in the food industry must master the basics of food hygiene so that you can handle food safely. With a hygiene pass, you prove your competence in hygiene matters.

You can complete both the hygiene passport training and the hygiene passport test at Ava-akatemia – choose the training day that suits you best here!

The hygiene pass is an official certificate of a person’s knowledge of food hygiene as required by the Food Act (23/2006). The hygiene pass must be obtained no later than 3 months after starting work. Previous jobs in the food industry where a hygiene passport is required are also retroactively counted as the three months.

Find out about the contents required to complete the hygiene passport on the website of the Food Agency:

You also need a hygiene passport, if

  • In your work, you handle unpackaged and easily perishable foodstuffs
  • you work in a food facility, such as a cafe, a restaurant, a canteen, a fast food restaurant, a grocery store or a food factorie

Hygiene pass training on Microsoft Teams

At Ava-akatemia, you will receive a solid training from an experienced trainer in the food hygiene knowledge that you need for both the test and your job. The training is carried out online using Microsoft Teams. Choose a time that suits you and pay for the course in the online store.
After you have paid for the course, you will receive a link to the training in your email.

The goal of the hygiene passport training is to give you the sufficient information to be able to demonstrate your hygiene knowledge in accordance with § 27 of the Food Act (23/2006).

The duration of the hygiene passport training is 3,5 hours.

The price of the hygiene passport test and training

The price of the hygiene passport test is €53/person, and it includes one test and a certificate.

The price of hygiene passport training is €55/person.

The combined price of the hygiene passport training and the hygiene passport test is €108.

NOTE! Participating in the test requires a photo ID!



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