Order and delivery terms

Ava-akatemia | Hygiene passport tests

The price of the hygiene passport test includes

  • one test session
  • for those who passed the test, a hygiene passport certificate and
  • hygiene passport mailed to your home

Registration for the hygiene passport test is binding.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that

  • they arrive on time and follow the advance instructions given in the confirmation email
  • the contact information they provided during registration is correct and works (phone number, address, e-mail address) and the postal address is valid for at least one month from the test date.
  • When arriving to the test, they have a valid photo ID with them (e.g. passport, identity card, moped card or Finnish driver’s license).

Ava-akatemia reserves the rights to bill for unused test time due to insufficient identity documents, for example.


  • Normal hygiene passport test (Finnish/Swedish/English)
    • written notice of cancellation (e-mail) must arrive at Ava-akatemia no later than 12 hours before the start of the test session. The fee for a test cancelled late or not canceled will not be refunded.
  • A special situation test that has been agreed with the tester separately
    • written cancellation (e-mail) must be received by Ava-akatemia no later than 12 hours before the start of the test session. The fee for a test canceled late or not canceled will not be refunded.
  • Separately ordered private tests for a company or other groups
    • the number of people must be confirmed no later than 7 days before the test session. The agreed travel expenses + confirmed number of people serves as the basis for invoicing, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the tester.
  • Refund of the paid online fee, when the person being tested does not want to book a new test time instead
    • when the customer makes a written cancellation within the cancellation period mentioned in the terms and conditions, Ava-akatemia deducts €5.00 (incl. VAT 24%) of office and processing costs for each test cancellation from the refundable payment.

Hygiene passport certificate

After an approved test result, the hygiene passport and certificate will be mailed to the given address within about a month.

Ava-akatemia is not responsible for possible shipments lost in the mail. If the certificate has not arrived by post within 2 months of the test date, please notify Ava-akatemia in writing (email).

Hygiene passport training

The training takes place in a group with a minimum size of 5 students. If less than 5 students have registered for the training 24 hours before the training, Ava-akatemia has the right to cancel the training. The paid training can be moved to another time or the payment will be refunded.

These conditions are valid until further notice. Ava-akatemia reserves the rights to make changes.

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Puh. 044 491 8716, working days klo 8.00 – 15.30

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