Registration for hygiene passport test
Tue 12.12.2023 klo 18.00

Location: Ava-akatemia, Opus 3, Test space 1, Herttoniemi
Hitsaajankatu 20, 00810, Helsinki

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Virallinen hygieniapassi on hyvä osoitus siitä, että elintarvikehygienian perusasiat ovat hallussa!

Info about hygiene passport

  • The hygiene passport is a certificate of food hygiene knowledge.
  • According to the Finnish Food Act, a hygiene passport is required if an employee handles unpackaged and easily perishable groceries at work.
  • Cafes, restaurants, commercial kitchens, kiosks, fast food restaurants, grocery stores, daycare centers or food manufacturing factories are examples of workplaces where a hygiene passport is required.
  • An official hygiene passport is a good indication that you have mastered the basics of food hygiene!
  • The hygiene passport must be obtained no later than three months after starting work. Previous jobs in the food industry where a hygiene passport is required are also retroactively counted as three months.

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