Complete the hygiene passport training and hygiene passport test!

You can complete both the hygiene passport training and the hygiene passport test in Ava-Akatemia.

Do you need a hygiene passport?

An employee must have hygiene passport if their work tasks include handling unpackaged or perishable food products (National Food Act).

Hygiene passport is needed, for example, when working in coffee shops, fast food establishments, restaurants, industrial kitchens, grocery stores, kiosks, day care centres or factories that manufacture food products.

One must acquire a hygiene passport no later than within three months of starting a food related job. Any previous food industry work that requires a hygiene passport is also considered to be a part of this three-month period.

The hygiene passport test

The themes of hygiene passport test are:

  1. Microbiology
  2. Food Poisonings
  3. Hygienic Work Practices
  4. Personal Hygiene
  5. Sanitation
  6. Own-check Practices at Food Premises
  7. Finnish Food Legislation and Authorities

To participate in the test you need an ID with a picture!

The hygiene passport is valid until further notice. It is possible to take the test without attending the training.

Read more on Finnish Food Authority’s (Ruokavirasto) site:


The hygiene passport training

At Ava-Akatemia you can study the contents of hygiene passport test as an online training via Teams.

The training will provide you with the sufficient information to be able to acceptably complete the test.

Choose the training time that suits you and buy the training in our online store.

The duration of the training is 3,5 hours.

You can complete both the hygiene passport training and the hygiene passport test in Ava-Akatemia.



Hygiene Passport Test  53 €

Hygiene Pass training   55 €


The test is conducted at the premises of the Ava-Akatemia in Herttoniemi, Helsinki. The training is organized online via Microsoft Teams.

We can also organize trainings and tests for groups at workplaces and other locations.

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